Desserts Station

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Thank you for visiting Dessert Station. We provide several services to make your day fantastic and unforgettable.

Any of our services can add a great touch to your wedding, engagement, baby shower, baptism, graduation party, birthday party or even corporate event.
We are level 2 certified for food hygiene.  
Delicious waffles baked on site with toppings of your chioce. 


  1. Waffles
    Plain waffle Chocolate waffle
  2. Waffle Machine
    Our waffles are tasty and made from the finest ingredients. Add them to your event and you’ll have happy and satisfied guests. You can add this to your wedding celebration, birthday party, conferences, christening, engagement parties and corporate events. There are several toppings/fillings to add to your waffles. Fillings include icing sugar, strawberry sauce, chocolate sauce, toffee sauce, whipped cream and sweet toppings such as millions & thousands. We provide the waffles on sticks so they are very handy! The waffles are produced fresh on site. The power required is 1800w. The waffle machine produces a bit of steam when closed so please check with the venue to ensure that this is fine. If everything is fine then what are you waiting for? Contact us so that we can give you a quote. The prices listed are averages and depending on your event, you might be able to get a better deal.
  3. Toppings
    At least 5 topping and sauces for each event